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College Roommates Stick Together From Cali To The Cape

By: Shane Petagna (The University of Tampa)

The nature of the Cape Cod Baseball League and how the ten teams compile their rosters can bring about some interesting dynamics throughout the season.

Kettleers second baseman Jay Harry (Penn State) knocked a huge pinch-hit double off his Nittany Lion teammate against the Chatham Anglers on Thursday. Later this summer, two trios of Kentucky and Stanford teammates will join the Cotuit roster.

However, no one on the 2023 Kettleers will have as close of a bond between starting pitcher Paulshawn Pasqualotto and catcher Caleb Lomavita. The battery mates make up two thirds of the Cal Golden Bears on the active roster along with Rodney Green Jr., but their relationship continues much further outside the lines.

“I think the best part about our chemistry is we're roommates. He's my roommate right next door and I get irritated at him at times, but that's brotherly love,” said Lomavita after Pasqualotto’s first start with Cotuit on Wednesday. “So we got to close throughout this year and I appreciate everything he does for me.”

The first game between the pair for the Ketts ended in a 6-2 loss to Brewster, where Pasqualotto received a no-decision after tossing four innings and allowing no earned runs in the start.

On Monday, the roommates limited the damage in their second game featured together in Cotuit. Pasqualotto went 2 ⅓ innings and gave up two earned runs on four hits and a walk while striking out four in a 9-4 loss to the Harwich Mariners.

In his first season back after missing 2022 with injury, the right-hander finished the college season with a 4.03 ERA through 58 inniings pitched. His worst game of 2023 at Cal came against Utah where he surrendered six earned runs in the only game Lomavita did not catch.

Including both starts with Cotuit, Pasqualotto posts an improved 3.34 ERA when throwing to his roommate.

“I’m really comfortable. Initially… I didn't know what he'd be like coming in because Cole Elvis was my initial catcher when I got there,” said Pasqualotto. “We were really close, but then with Loma coming in, we talked so much, especially that we live together so he knows my thought process and how I like to attack hitters. So we know each other pretty well. If I shake to something, usually it's after the first shake he knows what I want to go to.”

While Monday’s game may have been the last time Pasqualotto ever pitches to Lomavita, the connection both men have with each other on and off the field will never fade.

Paulshawn Pasqualotto pitches on the mound Photo by Chris Jones (High Point U.)
Caleb Lomavita celebrates on base Photo by Sarah Boeke (U. Of Michigan)


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