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Kettleers Korner

By Roy Reiss

As we get set for the final month of the Cape baseball season, we offer a few thoughts and observations to ponder.


Here we are at the midpoint of the season and the question before Kettleers fans is simply “what do we know about the current 2023 team”? It used to be in the previous 18 years Coach Mike Roberts would say I’ll know a lot about the team come July 1st. That’s not the case any more as the landscape for all 10 Cape Cod baseball teams has changed dramatically. The Major League draft in July rather than in early June has prompted many players to leave summer ball and prepare for their big moment. The NCAA Baseball Tournament runs into mid-Junewhich keeps many players from reporting to their teams until July. College coaches limit the number of innings their pitchers can throw and now agents have the ability to control when players leave their teams. Teams have to fill their roster with temporary players in order to get through the first month of the season. All of this adds up to “Welcome to the new Cape Cod Baseball League”.


Checking the batting league leaders in late June, there were three Kettleers listed-Brett Bateman (Minnesota), Brock Rodden (Wichita State) and Jay Harry (Penn State). All three are no longer with the Kettleers! In fact only 11 of the 30 players on the opening day roster are still with the Kettleers, an amazing statistic! This roster churning is what coaches and general managers of all 10 teams are dealing with. With that kind of turnover, there’s no way right now any coach can tell what his team will look like come playoff time.


Things That May Interest Only Me-

There is nothing quite like Clinic Nights at Lowell Park. Watching the youngsters, parents and grandparents really makes you appreciate what we have in Cotuit…..Wonder how many hours Treasurer Fran Maycock has spent getting all the super graphics ready for the “new look” scoreboard?.....By the way hasn’t that scoreboard been a big winner this season with all the great information…..Love the Kettleers logo behind home plate. It just adds to the total Lowell Park experience…..You know you’ve built a great culture when so many former players and interns come back to visit Lowell Park…..What a professionallooking 2023 Kettleers Yearbook. Congrats to Marci Hansen for a great job.



Quick Hitters

Enjoy listening to Tyler Danburg and Joe Pratt on the Kettleersbroadcasts…..What a great job Leah Ridpath does lining up all the energetic Kettleers interns…..There’s nothing like a big crowd at Lowell Park….Does any other team have a Family Fun Day on July 4th like the Kettleers?....The Kettleers Kitchen is the best in the league, not even close….Our Kettleers coaches, Andrew Shreiner, Jake Nemith, Payden Kesserling and Danny Crossen really put in long hours.



Questions, Questions, Questions

As long as your team wins, does it matter who the winning pitcher is?.....Is the umpiring that much better this year?.....When will summer finally arrive?......Why aren’t more male interns sideline reporters in the Cape League?.....Wonder what Arnold Mycock, Mr Kettleers, would say and think if he were to see what Lowell Park looks like today?



Easy Formula

Here’s Coach Roberts on what he teaches-“We always want to polish our skills. Hit the baseball hard, issue less than 2 walks per game, commit no errors and steal a baseball when appropriate. Do all that and you’re going to win many games”.


Kettleers Korner will be anything and everything that might interest fans, past and present, about the Kettleers. Roy Reiss, who started his career working for Curt Gowdy Broadcasting, was a former sportscaster on Channel 7 and several radio stations in Boston. His son Mike now covers the Patriots for ESPNBoston.


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